from: Meg Henson <>
date: Thu, May 26, 2016 at 11:23 AM
subject: Please Just Stop.

Whether you are Stephen Wilson or Abbe Diaz; I believe you have done enough harm to me.
You initiated it, by calling my daughter a dullard, a liar, a whore, and just about anything else you shouldn't say about someone's daughter to them.
You then tried to get my husband fired.
Have you pleased that part in yourself yet?
I hope so.
Remember: I, nor my daughter, nor my husband, never did anything to you.
Think about it.
But I'd appreciate it, if you would just take this nonsense down.
None of it's true, and I would like to go on believing that people don't try to destroy other peoples' lives, just because they're not fulfilled in other areas.
I genuinely hope things work out better for you.
But this is just wrong.
Take it easy,

* * *

from: Meg Henson <>
date: Sat, May 16, 2015 at 3:43 PM
subject: Warning

You obviously have some very severe mental problems. Deal with them.
I will be talking with the FBI this week,as well as any other governmental agency that can lock you up. You know you're crazy,right?
But if you have even a micron of intellect remaining, after your bitterness at the world not recognizing you as... just another random.. you will absolutely hear from them.
You have threatened my family, and have continued to do so for nearly a DECADE.
Wake up. It isn't your right to defame someone because you believe you have an "exclusive" story about the NYC restaurant business. That's just crazy.
I find you sad, pitiful and dangerous. You will be treated as such. You won't like jail, and you won't like every sent of money you can get, taken from you. That's your future.
Back off and leave us alone. Your failure to become anything is not my family's fault. You're just not good enough.
Accept it. You are just not good enough.
Say it again.
You're just not good enough.
And be nice when the FBI comes over. They don't play, whatever you are. Are you transgender or schizophrenic? What's your deal, pobrecito?
Here is MY warning. Take care of yourself. Because I have every single lie, aberration, and fantasy you have written about me, my husband, and my daughter. You should be finished, now. And take down those vile lies about us, or you'll always be Poor. Always. Be. Poor.
Think about it a lot harder, crazy,
You will either be in jail, or always be poor. Or both!
Don't try me even one more time. I'm already working with 'the authorities' on your sick, failed, nothing, ass. You are nobody. It's just who you are. Accept it, you crazy nobody. We're ALL waiting for your next crazy move, But not really. You're one step from being in the free hotel with the free taxi.
Try me. You think you're made now? Whew!
Try me. I am so done with you.

Very Sincerely,
Meg Henson Scales